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Autor: Marian Nuţu Cârpaci         Publicat în: Ediţia nr. 2117 din 17 octombrie 2016        Toate Articolele Autorului

Marcel Courthiade - the killer of Romani language
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Marcel Courthiade, Ian Hancock... Contrary to the opinion of these well-known linguists, the Romani language is giving testimony everyday that its birth-place was India. In the first place, i was tempted to believe all that this linguists are saying: that the Romani language was born OUTSIDE India, because of apparent similarities to Greek language, i.e. the definte articles O and I, the plural suffix –mata, and the suffix –imos. But these so-called Gypsy linguists dont counted the definite articles –LE and –LA. The definite article does not appears in Greek, but curiously enough is appearing in Arabic, as –EL, and in Spanish, as –EL or -LA, just the same as in Romani language... On the other part, the Greek language was spoken in India, since the invasions of Alexander the Great . Just because some Romani words are seeming to be of Greek origin, cannot be embraced as a dogma, because those allegedly Greek words could survived in Romani language via the invasions of Alexander the Great in India . Or maybe those apparently Greek words are in fact of indo-european origin. But this way of thincking is not happening in the world of Gypsy linguist holding PhDs. They firmly believe that the Roma nation was born in the Byzantine Empire, just because the definite articles O and I, or the suffix –imos, are used in the same way in Romani as in Greek. Let's see who these linguists are actually:  
Ian Hancok said that he HID his Roma identity  
"I now, as I look back on my life, find it very sad that I was told to hide my identity, not many ethnic groups are told: 'pretend to be something else' — and to me this is very, very sad. We have to stop this; we have to feel better about ourselves before other people can feel better about us."  
NEVER A TRUE ROMA HIDES HIS GYPSY IDENTITY! In fact, i wonder if he is a native speaker of Romani language. Ian Hancok never finished his high-school but he is holding 3 PhDS. This is a true affirmation! And it belongs to a hindu student of Ian Hancock, mister Dileep Karanth:  
" My teacher, Professor Ian F. Hancock, is an unusual man: unusual in his background, in the breadth of his interests and in the range of his accomplishments. He was the first Gypsy to be awarded a doctorate in the UK; he is perhaps the only person to hold three doctorates without having finished high school. " (page IX) Danger! Educated Gypsy: Selected Essays By Ian Hancock, Dileep Karanth  
So, we have a precedent, mister Ian Hancock dont finished his high school, but he is a professor at Texas University.  
The shame of slavery put on the ancestors of Roma, by Marcel Courthiade and Hancock  
Ian Hancok , Marcel Courthiade and ALL Romani researchers are believing that our ancestors were taken in salvery from India by Muhamad-al -Ghazni just because the french professor Eric Meyer supossed so, based on a wrong interpretation of Kitab-al-Yamini. This supposition became a dogma. The plundering of the indian city Kannauj by the ruler Mahmud of Ghazni(November 971 – 30 April 1030) is a true fact, but to link it with the exodus of Roma from India is madness. SIMPLY BECAUSE IN THE KITAB-AL-YAMINI IS NOT MENTIONED THE NAME OF ROMA NATION! To justify this supposed event, is called in help the book Kitab-al-Yamini, in which is noted that Mahmud of Ghazni plundered to Kannauj, a major city of more than 50,000 inhabitants, and, in 20 December 1018, captured the entire population, 'rich and poor, light and dark [...] most of them 'notables, artists and craftsmen' to sell them, 'entire families', in Ghazni and Kabul (according to Al-'Utbi's text). Gypsies: From the Ganges to the Thames By Donald Kenrick pp. 106-107  
All the gypsy researchers agree that the detail light skin and dark skin, is a proof that those indians were the ancestors of Roma, because only the Roma people have dark and light skin. This is a non-sense. It is known that in India exist the KALASHA nation, which almost all of them have blue eyes and are blond. Their language is Indo-Aryan, but they believe that are the descendants of the greek warriors of the emperor Alexander the Great. As i said earlier, in Kitab al Yamini does not exist even a little mention about the name of Romani nation. All these persons INVENTED an inexistent history of Roma nation. A history full of shame, because they believe that our ancestors were sold by Muhammad al Ghazni as slaves. According to their fake and sick ideeas, the Roma nation was in slavery for more than 800 years. But they dont have prooves. Just suppositions, and on the basis of this fake suppositions they are well-paid and very respected. They are Gods for everybody.  
Marcel Courthiade  
He is not a Rom. He is Gajo. And he decided the killing of the Romani language. The worst ideea of Marcel Courthiade was to compare the Romani dialects between themselves. Without indian bibliography, because the Romani language has its roots in the indian languages. Just after Courthiade would have been prooved with a serious comparative study between all indian languages and Romani language, his work on Romani language would have been demonstrated. But Marcel Couirthiade never did such a comparative study. Some UNKNOWN GAJO professor from Sorbona decided that Marcel Courthiade is right, and declared him a PhD holder in Romani language. Let's see how Marcel Courthiade DESTROYED ALL THE Romani dialects. He chose 9 Romani words from 3 Romani dialects and declared that only those Roma who are using the suffix –ibe are talking a pure form of Romani, at the expense of the Roma who are using the suffix –imos. Because the suffix –imos is supposedly of Greek origin. But i discovered that the suffix –imos it is used in India. Very soon i will publish my discovery online. If the suffix –imos is used in India, then mister Marcel Courthiade will have to quit the title of Doctor in Romani language.  
The words chose by Courthiade to kill hundreds of Romani dialects are just 9:  
Phird(i)om-i walked, at the expenese of phirdem, guglipe-sweetnes, at the expense of guglimos, pani-water, VERSUS pai, khoni-tallow, VERSUS khoi, kuni –elbow, against kui, chib-tongue, VERSUS shib, jeno-person, at the expense of zheno, po- the comparative prefix (of Slavic origin), at the expense of –mai (of Romanian origin).  
Imagine how great is the mind of Marcel Courthiade if with the help of JUST 9 Romani words decided which dialect is correct, and which is not worthy of his attention. All his Gaje and Roma followers believe him, obey his strata-theory as a DOGMA, without researching in ALL indian languages.  
Marcel Courthiade as a real SON OF GOD, decided that:  
„The first stratum includes the oldest dialects: Mećkari (of Tirana), Kabuʒi (of Korça), Xanduri, Drindari, Erli, Arli, Bugurji, Mahaʒeri (of Pristina), Ursari (Rićhinari), Spoitori (Xoraxane), Karpatichi, Polska Roma, Kaale (from Finland), Sinto-manush, and the so-called Baltic dialects.  
In the second there are Ćergari (of Podgorica), Gurbeti, Jambashi, Fichiri, Filipiʒi (of Agia Varvara)  
The third comprises the rest of the so-called Gypsy dialects, including Kalderash, Lovari, Machvano.”  
Marcel Courthiade simply was near God and saw how the Romani dialects became corrupted, so his able to decide which Romani dialects is correct. He is entitled to do so, because his wife is a speaker of Arli, a dialect which is in the first strata, because, after mister Courthiade, the Arli dont use the greek sufix –imos. But Courthiade is BLIND and DEAF! The Kalderash dialect has the suffix –ibe in at least one example: HABE(N) –food, and HAMOS- food. The Kalderash speakers are using in the same time the two indian suffixes. In this case, we can suppose that in their past the Kalderash speakers said pibe and pimos- beverage, kărimos and kăripe- action, and so on. In fact the Roma speakers of the Lovar dialect, one of the third strata, after the classification of Courthiade, are still using indiscriminately both suffixes, -imos and –ipe. In what category is falling now the Lovar dialect, mister Courthiade, in the first or the second?  
The mafia of PhDs- how is working  
Ek dilo kărel mai but dile, thai mai but dile kăren savoren dile.  
An ignorant Gajo person came and decided without bibliography what is correct in a language which is not his native language, and started to declare other ingnorant persons as professors of Romani language.  
I discovered after i researched ALL the Indo-Aryan languages, that the grammar of the Romani language is ENTIRELY hindi. Nearly all the vocabulary of Romani language is of hindi origin too. In this case, all the theories adopted as dogmas in the scientific community of Gaje holders of PhDs in Romani language and history, are without value. And, of course, all the diplomas accorded by them to their students are without value, too. Here is a part of the list of indian languages researched by me in 25 years:  
Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Eastern Panjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Urdu  
In addition to this languages, i researched all that was published about the vernacular dialects of them. After this serious researching i discovered that all the supposed greek grammar borrowings in Romani, are used in India, too.The result is a book which i hope to publish it the next year. In my future book, every Romani speaker will see and understand easily, that his dialect is an indian one, this way re-discovering his true identity as indian speaker.  
A common Romani language must be adopted only after these Gaje PhDs holders would have been reasearched ALL indian vernacular dialects, in order to SELECT the correct grammar forms and correct indian pronunciation of words survived in ALL Romani dialects. Nobody among them was able to do this comparative study, but still they OBLIGE us that their invented form of Romani is correct.  
Who am i?  
My name is Marian Nutsu Carpaci, i am hailing from a true Roma family. I am Roma blacksmith. My dialect was classified by the killer lingusits as being a broken dialect, unworthy to be the literary form of Romani language because we are speaking with the supposed greek suffix -imos. Unlike mister Ian Hancock, i finished my high-school, and when i was sudent of mister Gheorghe Sarău, at the faculty of Romani language, i understood that these Gaje Phd holders in Romani, despise the Roma people. Why? Because mister Gheorghe Sarău decided at the orders of Marcel Courthiade that the Roma from Romania must be OBLIGED to learn an INVENTED LANGUAGE by Courthiade and Sarău Gheorghe! The Roma cannot understand the language taught by Gheorghe Sarău, nor read the alphabet! I finished my high school, and even i was admited at two faculties, but i never finished none of them.  
I invent now the notion of Native professor of Romani language  
Because in the world of Romani scientific community is existing at least a PRECEDENT case of unfinished studies, i.e. mister Ian Hancock, which never finished his high school, but he is a professor at The University of Texas at Austin, where he has been a professor of English, linguistics and Asian studies since 1972 (at the age of 30), i am rightful to declare that every Roma speaker who never finished his high school is a professor of Romani language, just because is a native speaker of Romani language.  
Referinţă Bibliografică:
Marcel Courthiade - the killer of Romani language / Marian Nuţu Cârpaci : Confluenţe Literare, ISSN 2359-7593, Ediţia nr. 2117, Anul VI, 17 octombrie 2016.

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