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Omaima was born in Amman, Jordan. She graduated from high school and went on to study dentistry in Romania. Her first year of medical school was at Pitesti, followed by five years of medicine at Cluj(dentistry). Upon receiving her degree, she returned to Jordan where she married Jerry, an electrical engineer by profession. Omaima and Jerry would soon move to the United States and have two beautiful children: Johnathan (age 11) born in Las Vegas and James (age 4) born in Phoenix, Arizona. Initially they lived in Nevada; then, they then moved to New York, where she continued to further her study in dentistry and thereafter returned to Las Vegas, Nevada for other two years. During this period she attended an internship at a medical center of a prominent and well known senator (also a dentist by profession) providing the best dental equipment in the United States. Omaima has been in Phoenix for five years, working as a dentist within a dental clinic, and has recently opened her own practice in Sun City, Arizona. Dr. Samain Omaima was kind enough to grant us an interview.  

Reporter: - When did you embrace the idea of becoming a doctor?  

Dr. Samain: – I wanted to be a doctor since I was fifteen. At eighteen I decided to go into dentistry.  

Reporter: – What led you to study dentistry in Romania?  

Dr. Samain: – I had friends at our church, who have studied in Romania and that encouraged me to do the same thing, as well as my father who worked in the Jordanian army until he retired at the age of 75. He is now 83. He also worked in the Ministry of Defense (in Jordan) and owns a factory of olive oil. He had pushed me to pursue my dreams no matter what!  

Reporter: - What difficulties have you encountered in Romania? Did you have a language barrier?  

Dr. Samain: It was a problem to learn Romanian. I already knew English when I went to Romania. In the first year (preparatory year) at Pitesti I was admitted into the dental program. So they sent me to Cluj. After I learned Romanian, I learned French and Spanish. I can say that I am also talented in music and foreign languages.  

Reporter: What impressed you the most about Romania?  

Dr. Samain: Romania is a beautiful country with a varied landscape. I was impressed by the hospitality of the people. I love the Romanian food and how menus are served: always start with soup, followed by the meal and then dessert. I also love how Romanians are generous people hospitable beings, and sincere hearts.  

Reporter: Please tell us something about Jordan. What are the most beautiful places that a tourist might visit?  

Dr. Samain: The most well known tourist town called Petra is in Jordan. City of  

Petra, the rock city, as is called, is an important relic from Jordan, built during the Region of Nabateean. Rich in pink stone, the archeological complex is located in a deep canyon, and the city access is made through a magnificent color in 11 shades. Doesnt make sense!!!  

Petra is known as the “Red Rose”. There is a town of Aqaba by the Red Sea port, the border town of Eliat in Israel. Aqaba is known for its beaches and is a diving resort. Another tourist attraction is the River Jordan. Many people go there to be baptized “to receive the blessing.”  

Reporter: What hobbies do you have?  

Dr. Samain: I like skating (Ice Skating), playing tennis, going to the gym four times a week (I like to lift weights). Finally, I enjoy spending quality time with my children.  

Reporter: That’s wonderful. Please tell us a few words about your children.  

Dr. Samain: Jonathan plays hockey; he is one of the best hockey players in Arizona (for his age group). James also started playing hockey a few months ago, when he reached the age of 3.  

Reporter: What is your philosophy of life?  

Dr. Samain: My philosophy of life is that God must be the center and without Him we cannot do anything. He is everything in life, and we must praise and honor Him every moment.  

Reporter: Let us now return to your profession. What do you love the most in the dental field?  

Dr. Samain: I enjoy working with people. I like to give them something: a beautiful smile. Each time, after I finish someone’s teeth, that person has more confidence. Dentistry is not a simple task.  

Reporter: You recently opened a dental practice in Sun City, Arizona. What is your objective to distinguish it from other specialists in dentistry?  

Dr. Samain: Yes, I opened the cabinet and try to offer exceptional quality at prices that are reasonable. What differentiates us are: honesty, quality and timeliness of services serving our patients. Our motto is: “Best service at Lower FEES. Each person is treated as a family member. I am a person who gives meticulous attention to details. I take my great care to complete any dental work to be sure that I provide exactly what he/she wants. I use one of the best dental laboratories, and the advantage is that it is in the same building with us.  

Reporter: What is the importance of dental assistant in dental practice?  

Dr. Samain: The Dental assistants are the most important person after the physician. They help with all procedures. Their role is very important. They make the patient feel comfortable and make the whole process a pleasant one.  

Reporter: I noticed that you are passionate to discuss issues of health and diet.  

Are you vegetarian?  

Dr. Samain: Yes, my whole family is vegetarian. Two years ago I decided to completely give up meat. Vegetarian diet is much healthier. I give advice to my patients on oral hygiene and recommendations on health in general. Dental health depends on our overall health. I want my patients to enjoy good health, and expose them to the beneficial effects of vegetarian food while encouraging them to make changes in their diet.  

Reporter: What would be your finals thoughts for our readers?  

Dr. Samain: It is my pleasure to serve the Romanian community because I feel it is a part of me. I belong to the Romanian community, because I’ve always had good memories of Romania. To study in Romania was my choice. I had the support of my father whom I respect very much. Romania is a very beautiful country. My message is that God will take care of your health and health begins with oral health care, so we recommend you visit your dentist regularly. Coming to my office will be like visiting family and each person will be treated as a special person, with love and respect.  

Octavian Curpas  

Surprise, Arizona

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